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A quiz with an AI tool is built with an intuitive user interface and is very easy to use. Apart from this, the user can function easily with these features.

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Profile creation

It is as simple as other sign-up processes. A user has to enter personal details with an email address and create a password.

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The online quiz generator provides trending topics on the dashboard. Select one from it and let the app present you with questions.

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Customized search

Insert any keyword and generate a quiz or quest. The search bar is intuitively built with filters like the number of questions, difficulty levels, question type of quiz(MCQ or True/False), etc.

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Share quiz

A user can share the quiz with others directly on social media platforms. And engage friends and families within the app in a short time.

Salient Features of the Quiz App

No need to go on a quest when you have an AI-driven quiz app - QuestnQuiz. It is one a kind of AI-powered education app. This mobile app is a one-stop solution for generating an easy & quick MCQ or question-based questionnaire. Right from generating to sharing as well as image scan for questions, everything is done just a click away.

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A user just has to enter an email address and password to log in as an integral quiz taker. Once entered in the app, an intuitive selection of quizzes or quests is given.

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Result history

A user can look into a previous quiz and its results. It is a very easy and simple feature that allows one to look at a clutter free list of quizzes or quests done by them.

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Scan the text

Get your questions ready by scanning a text image. Manually copy-paste it and form a questionnaire. So, it allows you to create your quiz.

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Screen shots

The AI quiz app allows to take a screen shot of their leaderboard and share it among the friends and family. It is a convenient way of sharing their score with others.

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Our Quiz App

We Offer a Subscription!

A user can subscribe to different subscription models as per his requirements of characters and questions. In the free version, one is allowed to generate a quiz up to 5 questions or MCQs. If you want to include more than 5, you need to upgrade it and make a purchase to include more characters in a question and add more questions in one quiz.

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Let's create your intuitive AI-Quiz generator. Our team at Quiz & Quest are all set to give you a twirl of customized features & functionalities as per your wish! Do have a look at our immersive UI/UX design of the quiz app.